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    run-basic-testsuite OutOfMemoryError

    Bill Siggelkow Newbie

      I downloaded JBoss 3.1.0 alpha and started it up after doing a build. I then attempted to run the basic testsuite "run-basic-testsuite" as documented in the QuickStart. This target does not exist in the current test build.xml so I ran the "tests" target instead. This took 179 minutes on a NT box ... and had a lot of OutOfMemory errors.

      My question is ... is this normal? Also, what target is the replacement for the run-basic-testsuite?

      I am going to try bumping up JBoss memory.

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          Bill Siggelkow Newbie

          Well, I realized that the run-basic-testsuite target is defined in the main build (in the $JBOSS_HOME/build dir) and not in the testsuite build ($JBOSS_HOME/testsuite dir). The quick start guide needs to be updated for this.

          In addition, I bumped up the memory to 256 (both min and max) for JBoss ... this seemed to fix a lot of problems but I still got some out of memory errors. Also, I got a number of other errors.

          In addition, I did a visual (i.e. not precise) comparison between my test results and the nightly test results from http://lubega.com and they are comparable -- so that gives me a little warmer feeling :)

          In general, I am getting about a 90% success rate.