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    Template Project

    Stephen Thompson Newbie

      I'm reading through the JBoss 3.0 Quick Start Guide, and they are talking about modifying the Template Project and working on the .ant.properties file. I don't see a .ant.properties anywhere, and I'm not sure what "template project" they are talking about.

      Can anybody shed some light on this?

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          Paul Morgan Newbie

          I just had a similar experience and searched the forums for "template example". One of the results was a posting by Spazmosity that contained the following info:

          You can get the template from
          (file name: JBoss.3.0Template.And.Examples.zip).

          When I went to sourceforge I noticed that there was a newer file named: JBoss.3.0TemplateAndExamples.zip
          as it was also larger I grabbed it instead (larger is better, right?).


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            Andreas Schaefer Apprentice


            You find the latest Template and Examples project on the download site of the Source Forge JBoss Project (www.sf.net/projects/jboss).
            It will be updated anytime we fix or add new examples. So it can increase over time.

            The ".ant.properties" file is not added because this contains YOUR specific settings and WE don't know them. When you had read the docu you would have seen that there is a ".ant.properties.example" file that you have to rename to ".ant.properties" and adjust the settings.

            Have fun - Andy