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    JBOSS & Virtual Hosting

    Ed Saikali Newbie

      I want to use jboss within the context of virtual hosting; here is what I need to do:

      1. Serve multiple domains from a single ip.
      2. Apache as the web server serving out all static content
      3. Jetty as the servlet / jsp container
      4. JBOSS as the EJB container
      5. postgres as the database
      6. Each domain gets its own postgres db instance and a directory in which they can put .html files to be served out by apache

      The question is how to extend this setup so that each of those domains can use ejb's / servlet's and can control its own J2EE settings.

      Do I need a separate instance of jboss for each domain, or is there a way to configure it like apache to do multiple domains from a single running instance?