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    A Richfaces Suggestion Box Enhancement

    Aditya Karanth Newbie

      Hi All,

      With reference to my post on Apr 10, 2008 and the Post subject: SuggestionBox and commandButton


      I did dig further into the Richfaces code and created a custom suggestionbox component wherein you have an input text box for which a suggestion box and a input type button/image are associated. The input button/image complements the suggestionbox feature with providing an onlick method to render the suggestionbox popup. This is inview of certain UI requirements we had for one of our customers here at Aztecsoft. As seen in the forum, quite a lot of people have been asking about this kind of feature and did not see any such answers or feedbacks on the list.

      As they say necessity is the mother of all inventions we at Aztecsoft Labs had to device a custom component to satisfy the UI requirement for our customer and we also think as part of the community we need to contribute and help the community as well.

      The particular component is developed under Richfaces 3.1.4, and at the end of this task fortunately or unfortunately Richfaces 3.2.0 was released and the face of Suggestion box was changed quite a bit, I would like to know whether the community thinks that this particular piece of hack/code helps the developers and users of Richfaces and if it is useful enough, can this be rolled as one of the enhancements to the SuggestionBox component in the future releases :) .

      I am also keen on working with Richfaces 3.2.0 suggestion box to give the same functionality / or provide a JS API to render the suggestion list for any event ,and contribute in future as well. Please let know of your comments or suggestions.

      I plan to update the code and Binary on sourceforge.net and shall update this post with the link as soon as i am done with setting up the sourceforge.net project.

      Aditya Karanth A
      email: adityaa@aztecsoft.com