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    rich:scrollableDataTable withOUT vertical scrollbar

    Todd Gould Novice


      I'm new to the scrollableDataTable component. However, I like manyof the features it offers - especially the the resizable columns and support for mutliple sorting. However, there is one main item preventing it's incorporation into our application. Is there any way to disable and completely remove the vertical scrollbar so that pagination with the rich:dataScroller can be used?

      Also, on a different issue, if you use the multi-sort capability; is there a way to 'remove all sorting' so that a user can start over from the initial/default sort once they have multi-sorted in excess?

      Finally, what are the enhacement plans for this component.

      Thanks for a great component. I look forward to it's evolutions.



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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          vertical scroller of scrollable dataTable - is a main feature. :) This component was't designed to work with datascroller. Loading additional data on scroller usage - is a main use-case.

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            Todd Gould Novice

            Thanks for your reply.

            I now understand that this is a main design goal. However, if it could be made configurable, it wold open up some of the other really awesome features of this component to useages such as mine that require dataScroller type pagination. Is it a least a reasonable thing to consider on the enhancement path?

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              define a css rule like this:

              div[id $="GridBodyTemplate"] div[id $="scb"] {
              overflow-y: hidden !important;

              this rule will disable the vertical scroll bar on every scrollableDataTable that has acces to the style sheet that contains this rule. if u dpn't that, make it more specific

              after that, u could make scrollBar to send an ajax request that will refill the table's list with the new items that u want and refresh the table afterwards.

              even though it works, the use of the scrollable data table as you wish is not the best approach.
              U could ask the developers when/if will implement resizable columns on rich:dataTable (if they haven't done it allready)