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    Hot Deployment Problem - No Such Method

    Bob OMalley Newbie

      I get a 'No Such Method' Exception when I hot redeploy a simple exploded EAR application. The method is defined in an object deployed in a jar file registered in my application.xml file that like this:


      The method is being called from an .jsp page. If I cause a re-deploy by 'touching the application.xml file' to change it's date, even when not changing anything about the application, the next time I hit the page, I get the 'No Such Method' exception.

      Stopping and starting the server works but once this problem happens, the only way to clear it up is to delete the files in c:catalinia/work/localhost folder.

      Bob OMalley

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          Bob OMalley Newbie

          I found the solution reading a FAQ about the new classloader model in JBoss 3.3.0. It turned out that I DID in fact have two different versions of my own library deployed -- once in a test.ear file and then again in my more current ear project.

          The classloader apparently shares all modules in one namespace across all applications. When I re-deployed one application, I believe the application order was changed so I ended up getting classes from my old library.

          Needless to say, I've removed the application containing the old library from my /deploy folder.

          But, the faq says there is a way to set the scoping of an application to isolate it's libraries (or vice versa from the other applications). How do I go about doing that?