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    JBOSS and IIS

    Bob OMalley Newbie

      How do we get JBoss 3.0 to talk to IIS for HTTP requests?

      There are several older posts with bad news on this subject indicating that for JBoss 2.x and some version of Tomcat, you have to install Tomcat in a separate JVM and then use JBoss simply as an EJB server. (what about JMS?)

      Another post indicates that running Tomcat separately from JBoss messes up re-deployment of EAR applications. (may be a work-around)

      Finally, the Jakarta site no longer maintains a "How To" on getting IIS to work with Tomcat 4.0.3 -- the last How To was for Tomcat 3.1 and it used a .dll that requires configuration information specifically generated by a -jkconf switch in Tomcat 3.1.

      We need to continue using IIS because there are other portions of our application (ASP and CGI) running on IIS.

      Does anyone have suggestions for how to make this happen?

      Bob O'Malley

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          Bob OMalley Newbie

          Yes, JBoss 3.0.0 with Tomcat 4.0.3 DOES work with the IIS Bridge module.

          Just use the isapi_redirect.dll as instructed in other documents about the Tomcat connector (specify the ajp13 protocol to talk to Tomcat 4.0.3). You will probably configure it to use port 8009 for the communications with Tomcat.

          Then, in the tomcat4-service.xml file of JBoss, add the following entry for a connector to listen on port 8009:

          This is a good combination if you still need to develop or deploy older IIS based applications. You get all the advantages of J2EE along with backward compatability with IIS specific applications. I particularly like being able to re-deploy any J2EE component without having to restart an app server.

          Bob O'Malley

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            Sebastien Petrucci Newbie


            Is it also possible with JBoss/Jetty ? (instead of JBoss/Tomcat)