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    Latest nightly build snapshot is April 22

    Michael Newbie

      I was looking at the source code page and the nightly build snapshot has a date of April 22, which is before the 3.0 release date (in May). Is the date incorrect or did the development team stop doing nightly build snapshots?? In general I try to use the latest version of open source software, so I'm curious if there have been many bug fixes and/or improvements since the 3.0 release?


      PS: I don't have CVS installed on my machine but I can do that if necessary. But it'd be nice if the nightly build snapshots were current like with Apache projects.

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          David Jencks Master

          I think we had some hosting/hardware problems about then, and that whatever was generating the snapshots did not get set up again. There have been many many many improvements since April 22.

          In a project, I recommend obtaining jboss via an ant script that checks jboss out of cvs at a specified version and time, and keeping this ant script in version control. I also recommend compiling jboss in its "download directory" and copying the parts you need into a project build directory. Updating jboss can be a separate operation from building your project, yet you can easily move to a newer jboss version simply by changing the ant checkout/build script and rerunning it.