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    Source checkout from CVS

    Ulrich Romahn Newbie

      Hi Everybody!

      I am experiencing a strange thing: I am trying to get the latest sources from CVS onto my development machine (SuSE Linux 7.3).
      Everything seems to work just fine, until CVS hits the directory jboss-all/jboss.net/samples/Hello/src/flash/

      I can browse to this directory with the CVS online-browser and get the files through the web interface. However, CVS just hangs there and does nothing.
      After getting all files directly through the web-interface, CVS reported that it moved 'HelloWorldForm.fla' because it is "in the way" but then it does nothing more. It looks like it can get this file but then "hangs" on the next one.

      Any help on that?

      Thanks in advance,

      P.S. I successfully got the latest source just a few days ago.