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    Transaction Manager

    seanxu Newbie

      The default transaction manager is in-VM transaction manager.
      I am just wondering if there is any transaction managers available. In particular, the kind of transaction managers which can 1) propagate transaction context across virtual machines, 2) do transactional logging.


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          David Jencks Master

          We provide a Tyrex integration for this purpose, until we have a few minutes;-) to enhance our own tx manager. There don't seem to be many people using this, and it may require a little tweaking to get it working with any particular jboss version.

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            seanxu Newbie

            Thank you, David, for the reply.

            I realized that and was trying to confirm. Does anyone have a working configuration using Tyrex and would like to share the config?

            thank you very much in advance.

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              Todd Biske Newbie

              I've finally been able to get the server to start with full Tyrex support, but unfortunately, distributed transactions still don't work. What I did was:

              Get jboss nightly source and build.

              In my out-of-the-box jboss-3.0.0 installation:
              Edit jboss-service.xml to enable Tyrex, and disable the default transaction manager.
              Downloaded tyrex-1.0.jar from tyrex.exolab.org, dropped it into server/<server name>/lib.
              From my jboss source build, copy varia/output/classes/tyrex_patch.jar into server/<server name>/lib.

              I think I also plopped xerces.jar in there as well.

              Then things finally started without a hitch. Unfortunately, when I tried my distributed EJB call, instead of getting org.jboss.tm.TransactionImpl not serializable, I got tyrex.tm.impl.TransactionImpl not serializable. Doh!