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    Mark Stang Newbie

      I started at 3.1.5.GA which worked with the oncomplete calls.

      Then I jumped to 3.2.0.SR1 hoping to be able to use column sorting. However, that version has a broken oncomplete implementation.

      So, I backed down to 3.2.0.GA thinking it probably worked there, no such luck.

      So, I backed it back down to 3.1.5.GA which does work but no column sorting.

      The web site says that the latest version of RichFaces is 3.2.0, released March 31, 2008. However, I don't see how that can be the latest working version if oncomplete doesn't work.

      So, is there a newer version where someone might have fixed this or do I have to stay at 3.1.5.GA?