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    Deployment JBoss 3.0.0-Tomcat Problem

    Volker Raum Newbie

      It looks like there is a deployment problem in JBoss 3.0.0 and Tomcat 4.0.3 (Current JBoss.zip).

      I wrote a little Application ( WebApp + some EJBs)
      I am using Togehter CC 6.0 as a tool to build an EAR File with the whole stuff.
      Works perfectly.

      To shift data between the WebApp (Tomcat) and the EJBs i am using my own data transfer objects.
      Works perfectly.

      No i am in a stage of development where i often generate new EAR files, deploy them, test them.
      I am always generating an Earfile for the whole thing.
      I am deploying by copying the EAR File into the deploy directory of JBoss (default).

      This works fine for several deploys... but then sometimes i get strange error messages when i try to access a data transfer object generated in an EJB from a Servlet:
      Something like

      Target Invocation Exception
      Linkage Error ... loader constraints...

      I was VERY busy chasing this error in the internet.
      The general answer was : is most likely to be a deployproblem... Classes dont fit ... etc.

      So i checked my EAR File with a LENS.
      I checked all jars, wars, ears for the occurence of my data transfer object.
      It was present in all Archives AND it was always the same !!!! Length,CRC Sum, SerialVersionUID !!!

      So i tried a fresh installation of JBoss and Tomcat .... bingo: i had no problems anymore.
      Right now i go for JBoss with jetty... it works so far.

      So if any of the responsible Developers here reads this... please check it.
      Is a web app correctly undeployed ?

      maybe i will encounter the same problems with JBoss-jetty. in this case you will hear from me again ;-)