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    EJB via Servlet: Communication Error: class not found

    Wille Faler Newbie

      I´ve just installed Jboss 2.4.3 and the bundled Tomcat version (using an older version to avoid deployment-problems to a server out of my direct control using the same software).
      I´ve created a session EJB that I know is completely valid and functioning, but when I try to reach it thru a servlet on tomcat it halts and gives an error when I try to get the Home-interface of the ejb, it states something like "communication error: java.classnotfound exception".

      I´ve tried just about everything: putting the ejb-jar file both in the tomcat/lib and jboss/deploy directories but to no help. Jboss says that it has deployed the ejb when it starts, but what is wrong?

      I´m getting desperate, could someone help me?

      Heres some equivalent code:
      // Get a reference to a CD Bean
      Object ref = jndiContext.lookup("CDCollection");

      // generates the error about here:
      CDCollectionHome home = (CDCollectionHome)

      I have done no setup work except installing the bundle and setting my JBOSS_HOME, TOMCAT_HOME, JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables..

      Best regards
      Wille Faler