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    Bind to specific IP

    Bill Pfeiffer Newbie

      Is it possible to bind JBoss to a specific IP? I'd like to set it up on my development machine alongside with another app server. Because the two servers share so many ports, I thought it would be easier just to bind one of them to a second ip.

      Can it be done in JBoss?

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          Erik Sliman Apprentice

          Can someone please attempt to answer this question. Can JBoss be bound to a single IP, permitting multiple instances in a machine with multiple IP addresses.

          I would like to be able to run multiple instances of JBoss in testing and production easily, binding each to a different IP address. Apache httpd, Tomcat and MySQL all support this, and last I checked awhile back JBoss did not (3.0.6). Does JBoss support it in 3.2.3 now?

          If JBoss does not support it, can people describe work arounds. If virtual hosting is a work around, how do you manage physical independence of the ear from the deployment environment... in other words, permit it to be bound to any domain without changing deployment descriptors inside the ear. I currently enjoy having EARs that can simply be dropped in the deployment, testing or production instances without internal modification. Binding to IP would continue this capability, as well as immune one domain's application life-cycle to another's (i.e., downtime).

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            Erik Sliman Apprentice

            I found the answer on this thread:


            where you can specify the host ip with the syntax:

            ./run.sh --host=<host ip>


            ./run.sh -h

            to get a list of options.

            I haven't tried on Windows yet, but am hoping it will work the same.


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              Erik Sliman Apprentice

              I confirmed that it works in Windows under 3.2.3. Run.bat supports both the -h (help) and the --host options.

              I noticed though that the JVM is still listening to all IP addresses on ports 1162, 4703 and 4704. Does anyone know what services are listening on these ports?