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    How Websphere 6.1 can be supported by RichFaces 3.2.0?

    Pierre-Yves LABLANCHE Newbie


      I am an JavaEE architect, and I would like to find a common way to manage Web tier. RichFaces looks as a good candidate.

      We are using Websphere 6.1 and JSF.

      I had a look in the development guide:

      It looks that Websphere 6.1 is supported by richface 3.2.0.

      But the minimum requirement regarding JSF implementation is 1.2.

      As I know, Websphere 6.1 doesn't support JSF 1.2.
      Please look at the release notes for Sun JSF 1.2 specification here.

      The required servlet specification is 2.5 and the JSP specification is 2.1. And the supported Servlet specification is 2.4 and the supported
      JSP specification is 2.0 in WAS 6.1

      here, an answer from IBM support :
      This is European WebSphere Distributed Support Team assigned to your PMR regarding your question involving support of
      use JSF 1.2 and facelets

      WebSphere 6.1 does not support JSF 1.2 and facelets

      In fact facelet is supported if it's used with jsf 1.1. ( but not with IBM implementation of course :) )

      My question : How Richfaces can support Websphere 6.1 if it required jsf 1.2, and Websphere doesn't support jsf 1.2??

      I would like to use :
      Websphere 6.1 + jsf 1.2 + facelets 1.1.1 + Richfaces 3.2.0

      It's an unsupported configuration for IBM.
      So, my final release should be :

      Websphere 6.1 + jsf 1.1 + facelets 1.1.1 + Richfaces 3.1.4

      Have you any input to keep the first solution?

      Best regards,