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    JBoss Multi-context support

    Srinivas Gudipudi Newbie


      We need to deploy 2 applications using the JBoss Appserver.

      These two applications have same jars but different versions.

      So we would specify something like abc.jar and xyz.jar in the JBoss classpath

      Our problem is both the jars share some classes with different versions.
      i.e Suppose A.class exist in abc.jar in a package like com.cisco.abc.A.class

      a different version of A.class also exists in the xyz.jar with the same packaging structure like com.cisco.abc.A.class(but different version)

      In JBoss ,suppose abc.jar is specified first in the classpath

      A.class(version1) gets loaded

      when xyz.jar is invoked

      JBossS will not reload the A.class(version2)

      We use Tomcat as the Webserver and JBoss as the AppServer

      Now Tomcat has this concept of MultiContext which allows the above scenario to be handled according to application loaded

      We would like to know if i understood the behavior of JBoss correctly.

      And if so How can the support for MultiContext be added to JBoss.

      Any pointers and help regarding above will be greatly appreciated
      and increase our support for JBoss.