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    EAR scoping failed for JMSProviderLoader, BUG?

    Michael Bartmann Newbie

      In the mbean configuration of the JMSProviderLoader
      you have to specify the ProviderAdapterClass.

      I have a xxx.ear containing a xxx.sar which loads the
      typical 3 mbeans (ProprietaryMessageService, ProviderLoader, ServerSessionPoolLoader)

      The whole this *RUNS FINE* (deploys, undeploys) when
      not using ear-scoping, but i need a few of these beasts
      under ear-scoping for a long running system.

      When using ear-scoping the deployment *FAILS* with a
      ClassNotFoundException when trying to resolve the
      ProviderAdapterClass from the ProviderLoader-mbean.

      But everything so far is INSIDE one big ear!

      What am I doing wrong here?
      I will attach the jboss-service.xml of the xxx.sar
      inside the xxx.ear.