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    Getting Jboss 3.0 and tomcat 4.x to work

    Kellas Newbie

      First I was getting a bunch of exceptions realated to various tomcat classes.

      Basically I had to modify the Tomcat service description file for JBOSS. The file was located at {Jboss directory}/server/default/deploy/tomcat4-service.xml

      This file contians the path for the Catalina(tomcat) directory. I had specify the Fully qualified path.

      I guess I am using JBOSS 3.0 so maybe this won't help you but try that.

      However http://localhost:8080/ still won't work and will return "Mapping URI" errors. So I finally found the quickstart guide 3.0 (draft3) on Sourceforge. It is also linked at the bottom of www.jboss.org's Documentation page.

      That should get up and running.