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    Multihomed configuration ??

    Thekepat Sudesh Newbie

      I have JBOSS loaded on a multi-homed machine.
      It starts up fine & also recogonizes its cluster member
      but the clients cannot connect to it ???
      I have the same configuration on a single homed
      machine that works just fine. PLEASE HELP....
      The Provider URL is set the IP address of the Machine
      in both cases...

      my e-mail: sthekepat@yahoo.com

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          Keisuke Kumakura Newbie

          Have you tried to set an IP address to the property java.rmi.server.hostname ?
          E.g., starting JBoss as follows,
          java -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=x.x.x.x ...

          This works fine for a simple JBoss application. We can connect to the JBoss application remotely.
          However, I wonder if this is a right solution since some JBoss application gets another error at its deployment time which we are still investigating.

          Hoping this might help.