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    EAR, WAR and JAR confusion!

    Kristoffer Larsson Newbie

      I have this application which consists of EJB's, servlets and lots of utility classes. Now, I would like to deploy the EJB's into a JAR file, the servlets and utility classes into a WAR file and the JAR and WAR files into an EAR file.

      Now, the EJB's use methods in the utility classes, but so do the servlets. Is there any way to deploy this project so that both the EJB's and the servlets have access to the utility classes WITHOUT these utility classes having to be included in both the JAR and the WAR file?

      I have tried several different things, but they have all failed. If I include the utility classes in both the JAR and the WAR file, everyting works, but that's ugly and redundant and I don't like it at all ...

      Any help greatly appreciated!