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    Multiple .ear files support in One Jboss instance

    Uday Newbie

      Problem :

      In my project i want to create multiple .ear files ( with same .jar and .war files wrapped in it. All EJB and web components are same across all .ears) . This is to enable one jboss instance to support multiple .ears for different clients who would have their own Data sources mapped to the respective .ears.

      Can i have multiple .ears with same .jar and .war . When i tried it it threw Instance already exist exception. So what is a workaround to enable this or i have to change the descriptors in all bean declaration xml files..

      Second question is how can i have two .ears with separate .jar and .war files with allowing .war and .jar files from each .ear have access to other .ears .jar and .war file( I mean files packaged in .jar and .war file)..