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    using a4J:push

    Sanjeev Koppal Newbie

      I want to use A4j:push to handle session active and n/w connection lost functionalities.
      I want to call a Modal window for the response from a4J:push
      Scenario is something like this...
      A user open a particular page for some time, and minimizes the browser, next time when he restores/maximizes the Browser, if the session is lost I want to show him a session timeout message even before the user wants to click something in the page.
      Second thing is to show the current status of the application, like to show if the site is active/idle or session expired... with a icon/image
      The Demo site doesn't have a proper example of a4j:push, i even have Src downloaded, but still no luck...
      We are on RF 3.1.4, now don't tell me to upgrade to 3.2 :)
      I think the Demo site should also contain the source of the Managed Beans as well... its very hard to understand how the components are used.