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    how do i separate jboss configuration/deployment from jboss

    ross tyler Newbie

      I am a new jboss user.

      I would like to install the jboss 3.0.2 software using a dedicated jboss user account in, say, /home/jboss/3.0.2/share.
      Subsequent releases would be installed in like named directories (e.g. /home/jboss/3.0.3/share).
      The jboss user will denote the preferred release using a symbolic link (say, /home/jboss/release) that will point to the preferred release directory (say, 3.0.2).

      I would like to separate the site/(jboss)user custom files (files required beyond those provided in the jboss installation) from those in the jboss installation directory.
      In this manner, the jboss installation may be shared between users and protected from them.
      Jboss users should not have (need) write access to the shared jboss installation.

      For example, each jboss user may have a $HOME/jboss directory that contains this user's required configuration needed to run the preferred shared release of jboss from /home/jboss/release/share.

      After looking at some of the jboss source code (Main.java and ServerConfig.java),
      I was hoping that something like the following might work:

      /home/jboss/release/share/bin/run.sh -Djboss.home.dir=$HOME/jboss

      Will it?
      Will something similar?

      I have noticed a lot of named properties in ServerConfig.java that may need to be set (in addition to? besides?) the one above (ServerConfig.HOME_DIR).