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    Template app and volunteer available

    Bill Lumbargh Newbie

      Hi there.

      I am putting my toe into the water with JBoss, so I would like to get some help and then document what I have found. I am good at taking complex topics and creating the most basic user documentation. I believe in the JBoss philosophy...Anywayy....

      I'm having trouble getting the sample/template to work.

      I am running the main target and getting the ejb-test.jar and web-client.jar in the default server deploy server. It looks like the ejbs are getting deployed from the feedback on the console and in the log. I am less sure about the web-client.

      1. Where does the war go?
      2. The web-client servlet context does not appear to be created: http://localhost:8083/web-client/index.jsp brings up nothing.

      I think this template is very, very cool. However, it needs to be more basic. I want to volunteer to provide this documentation for more widespread JBoss adoption.