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    Rerendering will stop

    Peter Wendland Newbie

      Hello together!!

      I have a very strange behaviour of my appliaction (RichFaces 3.2.0 with JSF 1.1 and Tomcat 5.5.26):
      I have a managed bean with a list. step by step I want to add elements and by ajax functionality I want the GUI to be reloaded (like Ajax usually does).

      But: after having 3 or 4 items added, the reRendering won't work anymore. Not on the add-funcionality nor on a different action that triggers a reRendering.

      The list has a max size of 10 elements. The items are added to the list - I checked this already on Java-side. But the elements on the page won't be reRendered.

      What is wrong? I'd appreciate any helpful support!!!

      Thanks in advance, Peter