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    JDBC config from Tomcat -> Jboss-Tomcat

    Mark Scott Newbie

      I have a Web application deployed under Tomcat. I'd like to move it to Boss-Tomcat. The application is dependent on a JDBC DataSource. In the Tomcat server.xml file, the definition for the data source looks like this:

      <!-- Define JDBC to MySQL db TEST -->
      <Resource name="jdbc/MySqlDB" auth="Container" type="javax.sql.DataSource"/>
      <ResourceParams name="jdbc/RentalDB">

      It's about 20 lines. I understand what all the lines do. I initially assumed there would be a similar chunck of XML to do the same job under Jboss.
      After several hours of combing the docs and searching the web, it looks like I need to spread the information above around in 2-3 xml files, and add a whole lot of other information to it to achieve the same result (ie a DataSource I can access from the JNDI context of my web application).

      Is there a HowTo somewhere that explains porting from Tomcat to Jboss-Tomcat that would explain the Jboss config in terms of the Tomcat web app. context? In lieu of that, can someone point me to where in the documention I go to understand all the necessary components?

      Thanks in advance,