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    Added to minimal install

    Sloan Seaman Newbie

      The project I am working on requires that we install JBoss at all our customer locations. Because of this we only want to install the minimal services required for what we wish to do.

      Currently for development we only need support for Servlets.

      My assumption (bad idea) was that I could take the minimal configuration (server/minimal) and add to it.

      I cannot find ANY docs on how you just add certain pieces and what those pieces would be.

      Could someone please tell me how to just get Servlets working? Eventually we will add JSP and other things but I need to do it in pieces.

      Thank you,


      BTW: I get: "waiting for an appropriate deployer" when I put our ear file in the deploy dir.

      Also note that the ear file works fine if I put it in server/default/deploy and run the default server.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          There is no example for a servlet container.
          The modularisation is at a lower level than your

          You will need the embedded web container from
          server/default/deploy this depends on your distribution
          The servlet container will need some support jars
          from default/lib like javax.servlet.jar.

          You will need jboss's war deployer. This is not in
          jboss-minimal.jar, you will need the full jboss.jar

          You will also need some other bits like security
          jbossx.jar, jaas.jar
          The security will also require a change in minimal/conf/jboss-service.xml, see

          This list is not exhaustive.

          NOTE: servlets and JSP are not in separate deployments.