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    "minimal" configuration too minimal in jboss3?

    Jukka Lehti Newbie


      how come that "minimal" configuration in jboss3 does not even create server.log? Without it it's somewhat hard to know what's going on and I'm not sure is logging *that* much of overhead (at least if level is set to other than DEBUG).

      I'd like too see logging added to "minimal" by default.

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          Greg Turner Apprentice

          This is easy. Make a copy of minimal, something like server/jukkalehti_minimal. Then change server/jukkalehti_minimal/conf/standardjboss.xml to include logging and figure out what jars to add to server/jukkalehti_minimal/lib to support logging and you are all set. Run it by going to the bin directory and typing run -c jukkalehti_minimal. Thats whats great about JBoss. Its extremely flexible and you can mold it however you wish.