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    A package for MAC OS X

    José Libanio Newbie


      I'm a new student in J2EE. I work with MAC OS X 10.1.5 on iBook with Tomcat 3.2 and MySQL. So, now I need a free application server and for my happy I found JBoss. I would like to install JBoss 3 but as I told you, I'm a new student and perhaps I will have same difficult to install.
      I would like to suggest, if as possible and interesting for you, that you make a package for install on MAC OS X like I found one about Tomcat. I think that MAC OS X users will thank you for this.

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          Jessie Chiang Newbie

          I am a beginner of J2EE, My PowerBook (Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger), it's include j2se 1.4.7, I want to installate jboss-3.0.8_tomcat-4.1.24, XDotlet, Ant and MySQL in my PowerBook. Do you know how to installe it? Thanks

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            Chris Hansen Newbie

            I have an 'old' Powerbook G4 - 667Mhz. Last week, I reinstalled it with Tiger 10.4, JBoss 4.0.2 and Eclipse 3.0.2 (with JBoss-IDE of course) and JDK1.5. Everything ran perfectly out of the box... no tweaking... honestly. The only thing I had to do was to 'hack' the Tiger to run JDK1.5 as the default VM. Heres how to do that:

            After downloading, and installing the JDK1.5 package, as 'root' go to /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions

            You'll probly see a sym-link: CurrentJDK -> 1.4.2
            Move that to: CurrentJDK -> 1.5.0

            Thats it... enjoy :o)