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    JBOSS 2.2.2

    Cory Wilkerson Newbie

      When I retrieve the InitialContext in JBOSS, what context am I in at that point? Am I already in java:comp/env/ejb? I'm having to perform JNDI lookups on my beans as "HotelSessionHome" (or whatever home interface) and it just seems to me that I should be looking them up in the java:comp/env/ejb context. Am I missing something here? Perhaps I'm confused as to what context my beans are deployed in.

      Additionally, we have Resin integrated with JBOSS and home interfaces are resolved as "java:comp/env/ejb/HotelSessionHome"...why is this only available to clients and not to the container itself.

      I'm essentially wanting to abstract lookup functionality between the containers and I'd like to be able to reference the home interfaces under the same context...java:comp/env/ejb/BeanName.

      Lastly, is this functionality consist in 3.0 as we plan a migration soon?

      Thanks and please advise...
      Cory Wilkerson