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    MBeans in 3.02

    Alan Newbie

      I'm looking for the place to put my MBeans that were in a .jar in /lib/ext under my old jboss. Where do they go in 3.02?


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          Greg Turner Apprentice


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            Alan Newbie

            ok thanks that makes sense. i've also added my mbean entry to the bottom of the jboss-service.xml. i'm now getting several exceptions.

            i think what is happening is that it parses mbean entry before it has loaded the .jar that contains my mbeans (I get a deploymentException and it says that my service is not registered). I am pretty sure that I have configured my mbean correctly because if I force jboss to reload its configuration (by saving jboss-service.xml while jboss is running) my mbean executes correctly.

            any ideas?


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              Greg Turner Apprentice

              Your intuition is correct. Two ways to solve problem:

              1. add a depends attribute in the xml file.
              2. create a .sar file containing just your jar file and deployment descriptor.

              For both, see QuickStartGuide for info. See JBoss newsletters on my site for example code and sar files. Or unzip any of the existing .sar files in deploy directory to see layout of file.

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                Alan Newbie

                thanks so much sgturner. i got through and discovered the quickstart guide also! whats your site url?


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                  Greg Turner Apprentice

                  click on my user name to left of this message

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                    Corby Page Newbie

                    In my opinion, it is easier just to use the PrefixNumberDeploymentSorter that is available in 3.0.2.

                    Uncomment the appropriate part of your ${server}/conf/jboss-service.xml file to enable the PrefixNumberDeploymentSorter.

                    Then just rename your files. For example, 10-myMBean.jar and 20-myService.xml. JBoss will now deploy your files in the correct order.