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    The EJB's in a jar deployed in an PC are not visible in anot

    Rafael Muñoz Newbie

      We have a net, use JBuilder 6 as IDE and JBoss 3.0.1. My coleague make a jar, using JBuilder6 (I don't know whether that is important), and, in their installation of JBoss the EJB's are correctly deployed, and through the net, my client program can obtain and use them.

      I have an installation of JBoss and JBuilder 6 too. But ,when my partner share the jar generated by him, and I develop it in my JBoss, my client program can not view them (JNDI NameNotFoundException), but they are correctly deployed in my JBoss, and I can see them in the web agent view.

      That's my problem, a jar made in another PC is correctly deployed in the mine, but I can not obtain the EJB's deployed in my PC, although I can obtain the EJB's from the PC where they were compiled.

      Finally, If I obtain the sources of the EJB's, and compile and deploy from my own PC, my client program can view the EJB's generated.

      It's very strange, I have looked for any differences in the differents jar's generated but I didn´t success.

      Have anybody any ideas. I can´t find the reason for that behaviour.