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    Gettings started with jboss 3.0.2

    Tomasz Rakowski Newbie


      I'm tryig to get jboss to work on a win 2k with java 1.3.1. first, I've installed the jboss 3.0.2. When I execute the run.bat, jboss seems to starting properly. Once it is started, I'm trying to open:

      1. http://localhost:8080/
      2. http://localhost:8082/

      in the first case, i'm getting:

      HTTP ERROR: 404 / Not Found

      I suppose this is caused by the fact that there is nothing in the "project root directory". The problem is that I do not know where that directory is, and how I can change it.

      in case of the second url (8082), for documentation I understood that I'm supposed to get "the list all JBoss components running". Well, instead i see a "The page cannot be displayed" message. I would like to know what could be wrong with it, and how to fix it.

      Thank you..