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    BindAddress on multi-homed server

    Keith Dalia Newbie

      I trying to configure JBoss 3.0 to work on a multi-homed server and have been having some problems getting the Naming service to bind to the correct ip / host. In the old version, which worked great in this same config, I simply set the java.rmi.hostname. In this version I assumed that setting the bindaddress attribute on the NamingService mbean in the service/default/conf/jboss-service.xml file would do the trick. When I restart and check the JBoss log it looks right; further, when a do a netstat it seems to be listening on the right ip on port 1099. However when I try to connect with my applet it replies back with the address from my other NIC, thus throwing security net socket exception cause it webserver and jms service are on different boxes. Any help is appreciated.