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    Javascript erro in rich:menuItem component when the session

    Johnny Contiero Newbie

      Good Morning,

      I'm working on a project using JSF, and I have a problem when the session expires.

      My main menu is implemented as follows:

       <rich:toolBar itemSeparator="line">
       <rich:dropDownMenu value="#{bundle_file['menu_register']}" >
       <rich:menuItem rendered="#{backingBeanDomain.userHasPermission_client}"
       oncomplete="javascript: openWindow('../register/client/page.jsf', 'actarisPopUpWindow', '1014', '708');">

      At the end of execution of the action, the system opens a new window with the registration of customer. This works correctly.

      But if the session expire and I click on the menu, the system redirects properly for the login page, and is the mistake of following javascript:

      Object does not support this property or method

      Somebody have any suggestions pra fix it?

      Thank's all.