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    Seperate JBoss and Tomcat4 installations

    davout Newbie

      Some newbie questions...

      a). testing installation and startup

      I've downloaded and installed JBoss3 on my Windows PC - the version that is NOT integrated with Tomcat. I already have Tomcat installed as part of JBuilder7.

      When I start 'run.bat' everythying seems to go OK. How can I tell if the process starts OK. Is there an http address I call can from my browser to give me some form of 'server running OK message'?

      b). Integrate TomCat/JBoss
      How do I link Tomcat and JBoss - do I need to change any config settings?

      c). Docs
      Looking under the JBoss docs folder I can find no html based docs. Should there be? Am I missing something?

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          Mauricio De Diana Newbie

          a). testing installation and startup

          There is a way that is not the perfect one but works: try to access the JMXConsole (http://:/jmx-console).

          b). Integrate TomCat/JBoss
          You´ll have to copy some jars from %JBOSS_HOME%\client to %TOMCAT_HOME%\common\lib. If you copy all of them, everything will work fine, still some are not necessary.
          You´ll have to change the Jetty or Tomcat port (both work on 8080).

          c). Docs
          There are no docs in JBoss distribution, except some dtds and examples. A good doc is the QuickStart Guide, at http://www.jboss.org/docs/#free-30x.

          You can find a lot more information concerning your doubts in this forums, especially in "Beginners Corner".