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    Jboss with struts 1.1 and ejb?

    Chris Polderman Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      I am currently working on a small project which uses a WAR to present some jsp pages built with the struts (1.1-b2) framework. It works like a charm _until_ I use a simple session bean as a backend to do some processing.

      I have created an ejb-jar that contains this session bean. For now, I have chosen not to package the lot as a single EAR file.

      The contents of the WAR and JAR file are:
      WAR: jsp's, struts jars, web classes, ejb classes
      JAR: web classes, ejb classes

      Now the following problem occurs: When i deploy the WAR, everything is OK. When i then deploy the ejb, the WAR no longer works (it issues an exception on that the org.apache.struts.action.Action class is not defined).

      When i undeploy the ejb-jar, the web app works okay again.

      The other way around: when i first deploy the ejb, all is ok. Then with the war file it issues an exception on the org.apache.action.ActionServlet being not defined).

      Again: when i only deploy the WAR (without actually accessing the EJB yet!) all works OK...

      (it's sooo depressing....)

      Would it be a good idea to add the struts framework jar's to the jboss-lib directory?


      Chris Polderman