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    Multiple Instances of JBoss on Single Server.

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      "ageejas1" wrote:
      Hello everyone,

      We are using JBoss-3.1.0 Alpha and have developed the need to have JBoss running two instances on a single server, one for production, and the other for development. After reading the forums, and digging a bit, I created two copies of the JBoss folders, and I changed the following files in one of the copies to enable JBoss to run two instances concurrently:


      This works fine, however when I tried to run the "shutdown.sh" command on one, it always closes the one that was started first, regardless of which shell I execute the command from. So far, I believe that this is cause by the JBOSS_CLASSPATH variable being set by the initial instance, and the second instance using that class path and thus shutting down the first instance at the shutdown command. This has me concerned however, that the two instances are not truly independent. I have seen where in the future there will be the release of a "ServiceBindingManager" and I think that would solve a lot of problems, however I need two instances running independently right now (when will the ServiceBindingManager be incorporated, and if the answer is the next release, any idea on the next release date?). So I guess my main question is this: When you change the necessary ports in the config files to allow multiple instances of JBoss, is there the possibility of the two instances using each others services due to some classpaths that were exported in the .sh files? Also, any advice on how to shutdown each JBoss instance independently would be very useful. Thanks alot.

      Jason Agee

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          I edited the jmx-html-adaptor.sar file in the deploy directory to specify a new port number, 9082. Then at the shutdown command I specify "shutdown localhost 9082". Also, I commented out the "export" commands of the "run.sh" and the "shutdown.sh" files to avoid any conflicts, and now everything works as expected. Thanks for such a great free product.

          Jason Agee