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    A different Reason for  [b]MAPPING configuration Error for r

    Jay Hombal Newbie

      Hi Friends,
      I am using Jboss-Tomcat latest build to deploy our applications. We have three applications. Named totalmanage.ear, broker.ear and thinbroker.ear.
      I am running Tomcat on port 8085.
      I deploy the applications totalmanage and broker workfine but the thinbroker does not.
      actually It is bound, Meaning I have start up servlet in thinbroker. the war file deploys and ctxPath=/thinbroker set properly. start up servlet works fine and Load all the necessary data.
      But the issue is when I try to access it from a browser in another box. i get the error mentioned in subject on server side and "No context configured to process this request" in the client browser.

      what might be going wrong?.....