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    Installing Tyrex

    Igor Vinnikov Newbie

      Hi, all.

      I try to use Tyrex for distributed transactions.
      In order to use Tyrex I configured it:

      1. Build tyrex-tm-plugin.jar from varia\build.xml
      2. Download tyrex.jar v 1.0 from tyrex site.
      3. Copy tyrex-tm-plugin.jar, tyrex.jar and xerces.jar to all/lib in JBoss.
      4. Comment JBoss transaction manager and uncomment Tyrex in jboss-service.xml by following:


      5. Create in conf following domain.xml:


      I do these steps in both my JBoss instances. Then I start them and there are no any problems - it seems that Tyrex works. When I try to test distributed transaction - Tyrex don't work. When I use default JBoss transaction manager, I receive "org.jboss.tm.TransactionImpl is not serializable", when I use Tyrex - I receive "tyrex.tm.impl.TransactionImpl is not serializable".

      Why Tyrex distributed transactions does not works? What I need to configure?

      I use JBoss 3.0.2 and have 2 JBoss instances on one machine.

      Help me !!!