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    Needed adding to a standard J2EE ear file

    Marco Tedone Newbie

      Hi all, i developed a tested J2EE ear file. It contains web clients(JSP) which manages EJB(entity) with the standard CRUD pattern. I'm working with the latest JBoss release. I put the .ear file under the deploy dir, provided that the necessary .jar files were under /lib directory(as the .ear has been developer with OptimalJ). The application has been deployed correctly, then i locate to localhost:8080/myapp/MyClient.jsp and the first page is shown: excellent. When i activate the next action(the application uses struts) the container tells me that errors occurred while creating the required action instance, giving to me a 500 error.

      Just to know, as the free documentation is not very clear: are there needed other configuration files together with the standard one? I mean, in the ejb.jar, web.war, together with ejb-jar.xml and web.xml are there other files needed?

      Thank to all for the time you will dedicate to me.