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    AS400 Installation Failure

    Richard Newbie


      I am brand, spanking new to JBoss, and am having problems getting JBoss to start on my AS400 (V4R5).

      I have JDK version 1.3.0.

      I have downloaded and installed the latest version of JBoss and have followed all of the instructions posted on the JBoss website by Keith Dawdy.

      Unfortunately, I am getting the following message:

      java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: javax/management/ObjectName
      java/lang/Throwable.(Ljava/lang/String;)V+4 (Throwable.java:90)
      java/net/URLClassLoader£ClassFinder.run()Ljava/lang/Object;+42 (URLClass
      java/lang/Class.newInstance()Ljava/lang/Object;+14 (Class.java:237)
      org/jboss/Main.boot(^Ljava/lang/String;)V+0 (Main.java:94)
      org/jboss/Main£1.run()V+0 (Main.java:374)
      java/lang/Thread.run()V+11 (Thread.java:484)
      Java program completed

      Obviously, I am missing something, but does anyone know what it is?



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          Adrian Brock Master

          Each class has version of the class file format
          where it is compiled. It is saying your jre
          does not recognise the version number of the format.

          I don't know whether JBoss is compiled with java 1.4,
          that might be the problem? I thought 1.4 classes
          are supposed to run on 1.3

          Maybe there is a PTF available from IBM?
          Or you could get the source and build jboss using
          your 1.3.0 JDK

          So much for write once and run everywhere :-)


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            Richard Newbie


            Thank you for replying so quickly!

            Daunting though it seems, I will try to build from the source code.

            How's it done?



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              Adrian Brock Master


              But basically, download the source either the zip
              or from CVS

              cd jboss-all/build

              You get a distribution in


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                Franco Apprentice

                same problem, no answer from IBM forum.
                This appen only on JBoss 3.0.x.
                JMoss 2.4.7 work fine.

                This should be a problem on the AS/400 JDK.

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                  Richard Newbie


                  I attempted an installation using the source code, but it died for similar ClassLoader reasons.

                  I am giving up, and have installed JBoss on my PC, which took a couple of minutes. At least this way, I get to learn JBoss.

                  In order to install on my AS/400, I shall just have to wait for either:

                  a) A posted solution that works.
                  b) Our OS to be upgraded to V5Rn.

                  Many thanks to those that tried to help; it's amazing that JBoss is so hard to install on an AS/400, especially when one considers that WebSphere is a competitor!



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                    zeehond Newbie

                    recompile with Jikes and it will work

                    because AS/400 JVM just sucks

                    for example .deleteOnExit() fails with native code error -> if you're using Jetty, comment out all .deleteOnExit()

                    and this is not the only one problem you'll experience with AS/400 JVM

                    because it just sucks

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                      Marty Urbanek Newbie

                      Jboss 2.4.4 + Tomcat 3.2.3 works on my OS/400 V5R1 with JDK 1.3.1 without the problems you describe.

                      However I am having problems on z/OS mainframe, and posting in these forums has yielded nothing.

                      I suspect that although Jboss is designed to be "portable" they don't really test it in many environments. It seems that either not many people are running this is IBM environments so the Jboss people are not familiar with it, or they're just not very helpful because they want to sell consulting services.

                      You should consider applying the latest java group PTF if you have not alread.