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    Use existing Catalina:server.xml with Jboss?

    Simon Wilson Newbie

      I have a system running Ensim 3.1 (a chroot-based system for virtual server management), Redhat 7.2 and Tomcat 4.0.3, and I'd like to throw JBoss into the equation.

      As a test, I've integrated the JBoss 3.0.0+Tomcat distribution with my existing Tomcat installation on my work machine (which doesn't run ensim). The new JBoss+Tomcat works, but it ignores my existing server.xml for Tomcat (which is generated by Ensim automatically).

      Is it at all possible to make JBoss use the generated server.xml, or am I going to have to write a little java app which translates the ensim-prepared server.xml into a tomcat4-service.xml?

      Does anybody else have experience with Ensim & JBoss?

      Any help is greatly appreciated!

      Simon Wilson