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    Multihomed w/ dynamic ip?

    Jacob Kitzman Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm in a bind here (no pun intended). So I've got a JBoss3 server running on a machine with two network interfaces: one is a lan card connecting to a private network and the other a PPP adapter (for a modem dialup to the internet). The lan card has a static IP and the modem gets an IP dynamically from the ISP.

      This server must host EJBs used by clients both on the local (private) network and clients on the net (given that those clients are aware of the server's current dialup ip).

      How can I get JBoss and RMI to work with both network interfaces?

      Setting java.rmi.server.hostname doesn't seem like a solution; it would prevent either the internet clients from connecting or the private lan clients.

      Any ideas? Problem is, I tested this on a single-homed machine so these problems are now cropping up. Help me out of this one and I'll help you out with some good Wisconsin beer :P