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    CLIENT-CERT authentication in Jetty?

    R.W. Shore Newbie

      I can configure the standard JBOSS bundle (the one with embedded Jetty) for SSL without a problem. The SSL connector works fine with BASIC authentication. If I turn on CLIENT-CERT authentication, the SSL connection simply hangs - browser eventually times out. Looking at the code, it appears that JBOSS/JETTY attempts to re-do the SSL handshake with the browser. Turning on javax.net.debug shows that there are packets flowing, but it appears that the server and browser never complete the second SSL handshake. Is it possible that the approach of re-starting the SSL connection doesn't work with Micro$oft's IE? Is there a config option in either JBOSS, JETTY, or IE that's required for CLIENT-CERT authentication through Jetty?

      Environment: JBOSS 3.0.3, Windows 2000, JDK 1.4.1, IE 6.0