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    Problem with jboss-src.tar

    Hyunsook Newbie

      jboss binary file works okay,
      but when I tried to uncompress jboss-src.tar(all versions)
      I got directory checksum error.
      Anyway I uncompressed it with -i option and run build.sh
      file on UNIX, but I got compilation errors.
      I downloaded tar file again and again and did same thing,
      but the result was same.
      One of error messages:
      jboss-3.0.3-src/management/src/main/org/jboss/management/mejb/RMIClientNotificationListener.java:52: cannot resolve symbol
      symbol : class RMIClientNotificationListenerInterface
      location: class org.jboss.management.mejb.RMIClientNotificationListener
      new String[] { RMIClientNotificationListenerInterface.class.getName() }

      How can I solve this problem?