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    war classpath bug?

    Chris Newbie


      Does anyone have Cocoon working with JBoss3.0.3 and either embedded Tomcat4.0.5 or Tomcat4.1.12?

      I have it deployed in JBoss 3.0.0 (with Tomcat 4.0.3) and it works fine....but with JBoss3.0.3 I find that my XSP pages do not compile (my Sitemap still compiles, my normal XML, XSLT works too, but not my XSP).

      I get lots of class not found exceptions (from Cocoon and from Avalon Framework) so I'm suspecting that the new version has some classpath problem somewhere, because all the classes are in the war (within the ear) and the file deploys and runs fine in 3.0.0.....the only thing I changed is the version of JBoss, the code remains the same!!!!

      ...I can also see all the jar files unzipped correctly so I know the classes referenced exist.