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    Jboss 2.X and jetty 4.1 bundle missing

    Navdeep Newbie

      I apologise if this is not the right forum for this question, if it is not where should I post this question? I would be greatful for that.
      I am deploying JBoss on a windows NT machine and my question is...
      Is there a JBoss 2.X and Jetty 4.1 version available? I tried to upgrade the Jboss 2.4.7 Jetty4.0.4 package to use Jetty 4.1.2. But that does not work as the constructor for WebContextHandler in Jetty has changed.

      My problem is that we cant go to JBoss 3.0.3 version (which has Jetty 4.1) as the Datasource implementations have changed and JBoss no longer fakes XADatasource connection on non-XA supporting databases like Sybase's ASA & database.
      But we desperately need to go to Jetty version 4.1 as 4.0.X release of Jetty was not stable.
      Can some one please help.