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    Cannot build off the head.

    Robert Robert Newbie

      I'm trying to build jboss from the cvs tree.

      I've cvs co'd via pserver and

      when I try to build I get

      Robert-Nicholsons-Computer:~/Archives/jboss-all/build] robert% ./build.sh
      build.sh: Executing: /Users/robert/Archives/jboss-all/tools/bin/ant -logger org.apache.tools.ant.NoBannerLogger
      Buildfile: build.xml

      Trying to override old definition of task property

      file:/Users/robert/Archives/jboss-all/build/../tools/etc/buildfragments/tools.ent:29: taskdef class xdoclet.modules.jmx.JMXDocletTask cannot be found

      Total time: 3 seconds