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    lost_in_mass Newbie

      Hi all

      I am trying to create a one page solution for install / configuration / Database / jsp-servlet etc etc setup instructions for Jboss. Please send me the information you want to share so we can all get the answer in one common place. Most of these information I have gathered is from the forum itself. I am using jboss-3.0.3_tomcat-4.1.12 and oracle 8i to test these steps. The idea behind this is to make the whole setup easy for people like me to get the nuts and bolts of jboss in right place.

      You can refer to this site http://sammaher.com/jboss/ for more information.

      Please also send the files that you have modified to get a certain task done.

      The final goal to achieve is:

      1. Install Jboss
      2. Configure the Datasource (Any database)
      3. Use the JAAS login modules mainly - LdapLoginModule, DatabaseServerLoginModule, UsersRolesLoginMoodule.
      4. Create a dummy application with the most common features (ejb, jsp, servlet) and deploy it.
      5. Xdoclet (I have no clue so far about this one as of yet)

      Please send me your response/feedback/knowledge you want to share with us at lost_in_mass@yahoo.com.

      Thank you

          Willie Wheeler Newbie

          Looks good so far. I like the screenshots. One suggestion: you should make the title of the HTML page "Installing and Configuring JBoss", or something similar, instead of "Why is it so dang hard". That way search engines are more likely to turn it up (some search engines give more relevance to a result if the search terms appear in the title, from what I understand).